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Cancellation Policy 


Membership agreements have a 4 week minimum term and require a 2-week written notice for cancellation via email to


For Direct Debit Membership suspensions, we require at least 7 days' notice before your next billing date. You may suspend your membership for up to 12 weeks at a time.

Requests to suspend memberships must be made in writing by emailing your specific centre. Requests will not be accepted by any means other than email.

You are responsible for ensuring sufficient funds are available to cover the weekly auto-debits. Should a payment be declined for any reason, Rigs Brookvale reserves the right to process payment at any time to settle any debt owed. If an auto-debit is declined due to insufficient funds, the transaction will fail, which may require additional administration and yield additional bank costs. Rigs Brookvale is not responsible for additional bank fees that you may incur from your bank. Bank fees are under the terms and conditions of contractual agreements that lie between you and your bank.

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